cPanel - Migrate a domain from one server to another


1. Login to the source server using ssh
2. cat /etc/userdomains | grep <domain-name>
   -To display the acccount name curresponding to the domain
3. run /scripts/pkgacct <accountname>
   -To create backup. Backup file cpmove-<account-name>.tar.gz will create in /home directory.

4. Login to the destination server using ssh
5. cd /home
6. copy the cpmove-<account-name>.tar.gz from the source server to destination server using scp.
7. run /scripts/restorepkg <account-name>

Get the name server of the destination server,
 Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup
You can find the name server in the above option.

Inform the domain's owner to update his name server given to registrar with the new one.