How to Backup an account in cPanel???

Backup of a particular account/domain through front end:

1. Enter cpanel with the login user name and password of the account

2. Select the Backups

3. Click the option "Download & generate backup of full website"

Backup through back end:

1. Enter the Remote server using the command ssh /etc/userdomains | grep <domain-name>
   -To display the acccount name curresponding to the domain /scripts/pkgacct <accountname>
   -To create backup. Backup file cpmove-<account-name>.tar.gz will create in /home directory.

**Note- All the cPanel Scripts are in  /scripts  directory of that server.
             # /scripts/restorepkg <accountname>
                -To restore account,if the backup of the corresponding user is present in /home