How to change main domain name of KLOXO?

There is no direct option to change main domain in KLOXO.

But you can change main domain, if you can add more than one domain (not parked domain) in a user account. ie,the quota limit of domain in the user account must be more than one.

Let, you have to change your main domain from '' to ''

1.Login to the user account, then select
   >>Home>>Resources>>Add Domain 

2. Add the domain ''
    You can't add a new domain if the domain quota of the user is 1.

   >>Home>Resources>> Default Domain
    You can change your default domain from to

4.Now you have to login to backend of the server and copy all the contents of directory to directory. Don't forget to check the domain's document root before copying files. If the document root is pointing to the same directory, no need to copy the files.