How to remove IP block?

IP Block can be of 2 kinds..,temporary block and permanent block.

# cat /etc/csf/csf.deny | grep <IP>

# iptables -nL | grep <IP>

If the IP is blocked in server, the above commands will list the IP block rules of that particular IP.

**If the block is temporary, do the following to remove block.

# csf -tr <IP>

**If the block is permanent, do the following to remove block.

 # csf -dr <IP>

Note1:- If the command csf is not working, you have to search for the command using whereis command.
# whereis csf
The above command will list the csf executable file.
# /usr/sbin/csf -dr <IP>

Note2:- You can check the reason of IP block in /var/log/lfd.log. Use the following command
# cat /var/log/lfd.log | grep <IP>

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