ColdFusion - Security: The requested template has been denied access to cfregistry

You may get an error(as shown below) in the browser when you try to access a website written in coldfusion.

By default, CFRegistry tag is disabled in the server. On CFMX this affects the CFApplication tag if client storage is left to it's default or set to "Registry".

At default, the CFApplicaiton tag has a parameter of clientstorage with a default value of Registry. By disabling the CFRegisty tag, this creates a conflict. To resolve the problem, the CFApplicaiton tag MUST include the clientstorage="Cookie" or clientstorage="Datasource_Name" to ensure that CFMX does not try to access the registry.

Here is an example of a good CFApplication tag.

<cfapplication name="Your_App_Name"
Clientstorage="Cookie"   <----- Add this line in cfapplication tag

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