Qmail - Install and Compile qmqtool

Qmail - qmqtool

                      Qmail is the mail client that comes with the Plesk control panel. Qmail has its strengths and weaknesses, one drawback is there’s no easy built in way to view the messages in the mail queue. qmqtool is a qmail queue manipulation program geared towards the viewing and safe modification of the contents in a qmail queue. This tool is very useful for working on mail queues and debugging problems.

# cd /usr/local/src/
    To setInstallation directory.
# wget http://jeremy.kister.net/code/qmqtool/files/qmqtool-1.14.tgz
    To download source file of qmqtool.
# tar -zxvf qmqtool-1.14.tgz 
    To extracted the tar file to compile.
# cd qmqtool-1.14 
# ./configure --perl=/usr/bin/perl --qmaildir=/var/qmail 
# make && make install
    To configure and install qmqtool.

# /usr/local/script/qmqtool --help
   To list all the available options with qmqtool.