Kloxo Brute Force Protection

As like cPHulk Brute Force Protection in cPanel, Kloxo has also a Brute Force Protection named Lxguard.

Error Log of FTP access at the time of Block

libwrap refused connection to ftp (libwrap=pure-ftpd) from xx.xx.xx.xx
FAIL: ftp libwrap from=xx.xx.xx.xx

You can check the IP block as follows.

1.  Login as admin user in Kloxo.

2. Security >> Lxguard >> Connections >>

3. You can see a search bar there. You can search for the IP xx.xx.xx.xx  there.

4. You can select the IP by marking it and you can enter the button Remove to remove the IP block.

There is also an option for a whitelist the IP.