Kloxo Installation

Kloxo Installation:

A dedicated or virtual server running CentOS or Red Hat EL 5.x. CentOS 6.x is not currently supported.
Also, make sure the ports 7778/tcp and 7777/tcp are open in your server firewall or you won't be able to connect to Kloxo web panel when the install completes.

If you have enabled SELinux, you must disable it before installation.

1. Login as root user in the server.

2. root@server [~]# setenforce 0

Kloxo installation consists of downloading kloxo-installer.sh from download.lxcenter.org and executing it as root. The script will present you with a few questions and sometimes ask for a password (enter your root password).

If you don't have MySQL server already installed,

3. root@server [~]# wget http://download.lxcenter.org/download/kloxo/production/kloxo-installer.sh

4. root@server [~]# sh ./kloxo-installer.sh --type=master

If you already have MySQL installed and set a root password,

3. root@server [~]# wget http://download.lxcenter.org/download/kloxo/production/kloxo-installer.sh

4. root@server [~]# sh ./kloxo-installer.sh --type=master --db-rootpassword=PASSWORD

You can use the URL given below to access Kloxo.

http://<Server IP or Domain>:7778
username: admin
password: admin


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