cPanel - Upgrade/Downgrade MySQL version

Upgrade/Downgrade MySQL version

You can change mysql version in a cpanel server via WHM and terminal. Here is the steps which help you to Upgrade/Downgrade MySQL version.
In either case, you must login as root user.

via WHM:

You can Upgrade/Downgrade MySQL version via WHM by following the steps shown below.

Home » Software » MySQL Upgrade

Select the mysql version and then click Next.

via Terminal:

You can find the MySql Version with the help of following commands :

root@server[~]# mysql  --version
root@server[~]# mysql -V
root@server[~]# mysql -e status | grep "Server version"

You can change mysql version via terminal in a cpanel server by following these steps,

Open the file, /var/cpanel/cpanel.config using vi or nano editor.

# vi /var/cpanel/cpanel.config

find the line, mysql-version=x.x
give the desired mysql version number in place of x.x

Then run the following commmand to install and load new mysql version,

# /scripts/mysqlup --force

Now re-run apache build (easyapache) - so it can build php-mysql connector

# /scripts/easyapache


The method described would be performed at one's own risk. A manual downgrade is not recommended and can incur significant risk when attempted on an existing system. A full backup of the MySQL data directory is advised, and for a proper downgrade one should consider using mysqldump to create an SQL dump before downgrading.