Installing Ruby on Rails on cPanel

Installing Ruby

In cpanel it is easy to install Ruby using the following cpanel script.

# /scripts/installruby

Some times the cPanel scripts installer does not work properly and does not install them. So you can run the following commands to install Ruby.

# gem install rails
# gem install mongrel
# gem install fastthread

Open ports 3000 and 12001 if you’re running a firewall

If you have installed LIBSAFE, uring the installation you may encounter an Overflow error and the installation will stop. You have to add /usr/bin/ruby to LIBSAFE exception list.
The installation log may as like follows.
0x8052e4a /usr/bin/ruby
0x8bbde7 /lib/
Overflow caused by memcpy()

You can add /usr/bin/ruby to LIBSAFE exception list by using the following command.

# echo "/usr/bin/ruby" >> /etc/libsafe.exclude
# echo "/usr/bin/ruby-bin" >> /etc/libsafe.exclude

Try running the installation again... This time there will not be any Overflow errors while installation...