Forcefully recalculate/update message counts and disk quota - MDaemon


I have removed some mails from the MDaemon server from the backend,ie, browsed through the mail box and deleted some mails maunally without using MDeamon's application. In this case, the new mail box count and quota will not reflect in the wordclient and MDaemon's backend application. You can follow the steps shown below to update the message counts and disk quota manually.


1. The results of user quota checks are maintained in the 'MDaemon\App\quotacounts.dat' file.

Create a file named 'ClearQuotaCounts.sem'.
If you wish to clear the cached quota value for a user, add the user’s email address to this SEM file and then place it in the MDaemon\App directory.
If you wish to clear all cached counts, just place a single  * character in it. and then place 'ClearQuotaCounts.sem' file in the MDaemon\App directory.

2. Then open MDaemon and go into the Queues >> Queue and Statistics Manager

3. Once you click the 'User Page', the page will start to update with new quota and message counts. The file 'quotacounts.dat' will updated with new values once the 'User Page' is fully loaded.


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